Why Choose Us

Silverback Communications is your true ITAD and IT Reseller.

Silverback Communications also provides network solutions. Silverback Communications is a Women Business Enterprise. We are a R2V3, ISO9001, IS45001, amd ISO45001 IT solutions provider. Our goal is to provide solutions, products and services that expand the lifecycle of your IT/Telecom Network. This includes solutions and products for the data center, fiberoptic connectivity, your employee IT Needs and overall network topology.

We resell, purchase and recycle IT/Telecom Hardware

Why Choose us:

At Silverback Communications, we believe that we can ignite your network while giving you the ability to manage and secure the total lifecycle of all your IT and Telecom Needs.

Experience and Expertise:

Silverback Communications is a reputable company, we have been audited by a 3rd party to maximize quality, secure client data, and effectively by an asset to your company. Our certifications include R2V3 (responsible recycling) ISO9001 (

Range of Services:

Silverback Communications is a full ITAD provider. This means that we can properly recycle your old electronics while providing your company IT Hardware and network solutions. We have partnerships with Dell and HPE and can provide your company with a vast variety of products and services. This includes new and used products. Our clients can work with us in regard to Networking, Fiber Transport, PC’s, Laptops, Servers, Storage, CPE, POS equipment, handheld scanners etc… The major manufacturers include, HPE, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco Juniper, Arris, Calix, Ciena, Nokia, Fujitsu, Extreme, Motorola, there is no limit on what manufacturers we work with.

Reliability and Support:

Silverback Communications is always available to assist you. Your dedicated account manager is on call for all your needs or support issues. When you utilize our Hardware Maintenance plan, we also provide a 24-7 helpdesk to assist with any support issues. Silverback Communications will also provide advanced replacements for products that are under our Hardware warranty. We want to make sure your networks are always running.

Custom Solutions:

Silverback Communications will cater to your exact needs. We know each client could need something different to make their process the most efficient. Our IT Asset Management program is here to assist in creating new workflows to streamline how we work with your company. We can also provide network solutions and hardware to expand your network.


Silverback Communications is a growing company, and we would like to have the ability to work with you at any level. We tell our clients that we would like to grow our business while our clients grow their business. We are ready to do what it takes to get you where you need to be.


Silverback Communications will always provide the most cost-effective products and Solutions. Give us the opportunity to earn your business and keep your existing vendors honest with their pricing.